Sue Gray update: South Gloucestershire Conservative MPs cannot hide behind lame excuses any longer

Boris Johnson Graffiti

  • Leader of the Liberal Democrat opposition Group on South Gloucestershire Council, Claire Young, calls on the three local Conservative MPs - Luke Hall, Jack Lopresti and Chris Skidmore -  to sack Boris Johnson

  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey says “It’s time Conservative MPs did their patriotic duty”

Responding to Sue Gray’s update on parties being held in Downing Street during Covid lockdowns, Cllr Young said:

“This is a damning moment for Boris Johnson

“The Conservative MPs for our area cannot hide behind lame excuses any longer. We all know whilst people in South Gloucestershire made terrible sacrifices during lockdowns, Boris Johnson and his team were partying in Downing Street.

“We all have painful memories of that lockdown, from not being able to see dying relatives, to being separated for months on end from our friends and family.  

“It is time for Luke Hall, Jack Lopresti and Chris Skidmore to sack Boris Johnson. No more ifs or buts. 

“It is an insult to everyone in our area to see the local Conservative MPs refusing to sack a Conservative Prime Minister who broke the law and lied about it."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP said:

“Everyone knows Boris Johnson broke the rules and lied to the country. 

“It’s time Conservative MPs did their patriotic duty, listened to their constituents and stood up for decency by sacking Boris Johnson. He must go before he does our country any more harm.”

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Conservatives breaking police officer promise for Avon and Somerset

Police Horses In Clifton On The 150th Anniversary Of Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Conservative Government is failing to deliver the promised 456 more police officers for Avon & Somerset

Analysis of Home Office statistics by the Liberal Democrats has shown that Avon & Somerset’s officer numbers rose by only 126 in the last year.

A total of 254 extra officers have been recruited by Avon & Somerset Police under the Government’s campaign that started in September 2019.

Avon & Somerset Police has so far recruited just 9 more officers per month under the scheme. To meet the Conservatives' own target of 456 by March 2023, that rate would have to increase to 13 per month over the next 15 months.

South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats have slammed the government for failing to keep their promise to communities, adding that there needs to be a return to full and proper community policing. 

Responding to the figures, Claire Young, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on South Gloucestershire Council, said:

“People in South Gloucestershire are being let down and taken for granted by this Conservative Government. With so many local crimes going unsolved, we desperately need more police on our streets and in our communities. 

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and known personally to local people.”

“The Conservatives’ pledge to boost police officer numbers looks set to become yet another of their broken promises. They are letting down victims of crime and our communities right across our area.”

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Ambulance waiting times in the South West remain the highest in England


South Western ambulance service response times for the most serious incidents, e.g. cardiac arrest, remain the longest in England, new Ambulance Service Statistics have revealed. 

The statistics, released from NHS England today, show that average wait times for serious incidents have worsened in almost every region in England over the past month.

Locally, the statistics show a further 5% increase in the waiting time for the the most crucially urgent "Category 1" callouts to nearly 12 minutes. This is now the longest in England and is substantially longer than the 7 minute NHS target.

The average wait of 1 hour and 13 minutes for "Category 2" callouts is more the four times longer than the NHS target of 18 minutes, and is 20 minutes longer than any other English region.

Liberal Democrats are calling for the Government to commission an investigation by the Care Quality Commission without further delay.

Responding to the new figures, Claire Young, leader of the Liberal democrat Opposition Group on South Gloucestershire Council said: 

“It is disastrous that our local NHS services are under such severe pressure. We need real investment in our area with a plan from the Government. 

“The Conservatives have taken South Gloucestershire for granted for decades and now we’re seeing local patients and families pay the price.

“The Government needs to step up and stop taking our area for granted. Health service wait times across the board are struggling, our local health staff are under immense pressure, and it looks like things are getting even worse.” 

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Residents in South Gloucestershire face a more than £500 rise to energy bills in April, new figures reveal

Gas Burner

South Gloucestershire is set to be hit hard by the expected rise in energy bills in April, new figures have revealed.

Analysis by the Liberal Democrats shows that the average yearly bill for homeowners in South Gloucestershire is set to skyrocket by £561 - the equivalent of £47 a month - once the new energy price cap comes into effect.

Last year the average homeowner in South Gloucestershire paid out £710 for their annual energy bill. Under the new price cap coming into force in April, that figure is set to rise to £1,271.

The energy price cap is expected to be around £1,865, according to energy experts. More misery looms on the horizon for residents in South Gloucestershire unless action is taken to help them with the cost of bills, with the price cap expected to increase to over £2,000 when it is revised again in the Autumn.

South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats are calling for a one-off ‘Robin Hood’ tax on the super-profits of oil and gas giants, to fund an emergency package of support for local residents facing eye-watering increases to their heating bills.

This would include the doubling and expansion of the Warm Home Discount to those in receipt of Universal Credit or Pension Credit, giving more than 20,000 households in South Gloucestershire £300 each off their heating bills this year.

The Liberal Democrats are also calling for the doubling of the Winter Fuel Allowance to be doubled, helping more than 20,000 pensioners in the area keep their homes warm.

Claire Young, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition Group on South Gloucestershire Council, said:

“These figures reveal that people in South Gloucestershire are facing eye-watering increases to their energy bills in April, while the Government is just sitting on its hands.

“Many pensioners and other local residents are already deeply worried about their next heating bill landing on their doormats.

“The Liberal Democrats have set out a clear plan to give thousands of people in our area £300 each off their heating bills this year. It’s time Boris Johnson stopped taking our local communities for granted and offered families the support they need to cope with energy price hikes.”

Liberal Democrat Leader and former Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said:

“Families are facing an energy bill nightmare, while the Government is asleep at the wheel. They’ve failed to do anything to protect vulnerable people from this cost of living crisis.

“Liberal Democrats are calling for the doubling and expansion of the Warm Home Discount Scheme and the doubling of the Winter Fuel Payments to protect vulnerable people this winter. This would be funded by a one-off ‘Robin Hood Tax’ on the super-profits of gas and oil companies and traders who are raking it in hand over fist.”

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South Gloucestershire’s Lib Dems back “Robin Hood tax” on energy giants to support families with heating bills 

Gas Boiler Pilot Light

South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats have today called on the Secretary of State for Energy Kwasi Kwarteng to back the party’s call for a “Robin Hood” tax on the super-profits of oil and gas firms, to raise money to support local families facing soaring energy costs. 

The proposed one-off levy could raise over £5 billion to help support families in South Gloucestershire as their energy bills sky-rocket.

The Liberal Democrats say the money raised through this “one-off” tax could fund a substantial package of emergency support to help thousands of people facing higher bills.  

This would include doubling the Warm Homes Discount and extending it to all those receiving Universal Credit or Pension Credit, giving 20317 households in South Gloucestershire £300 each off their heating bills this year. 

The party is also calling for the winter fuel allowance to be doubled, benefitting 20,690 pensioners in the area and helping them keep their homes warm. On top of this, funding would be spent on helping people insulate their homes to slash heating bills in the long term.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition Group on South Gloucestershire Council, Claire Young said:

“It can’t be right that a few energy firms are making millions from record gas prices while people can't even afford to heat their homes as the cost of living crisis hits South Gloucestershire hard.

“A one-off Robin Hood tax on gas and oil bosses would provide vital funding to support families in our area who are facing crippling energy price hikes.

“For years the Conservatives have ignored this problem and failed to take the bold action we need to reduce fuel poverty. The Government cannot look the other way any longer while families struggle to get by.” 

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