Campaigners’ anger at wasted time and money

Liberal Democrats who have been campaigning against the Joint Spatial Plan for the West of England have spoken of their anger at the time and money wasted on the flawed housing plan. On Wednesday a further letter from the Planning Inspectors examining the plan was published, setting out in detai...

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Bus fare victory in Thornbury & Yate

Liberal Democrat bus campaigners are celebrating victory in their campaign for a cheap fare for bus journeys within the towns of Yate and Thornbury. From later this month people travelling on First Bus services will play just £1.50 for any single journey in town.Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate f...

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Lib Dems: Conservatives must dump failed JSP and start from square one

South Gloucestershire Lib Dems have welcomed the news that Government Planning Inspectors have told the West of England Authorities, including South Gloucestershire, to take the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) back to the drawing board. The JSP would have given the green light to 33,000 houses across So...

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