Season's Greetings and useful info

As we approach the Christmas and New Year period, we thought it might be useful to bring together in one place some information about the availability of local services over the holiday period. This includes everything from opening hours for emergency chemists to arrangements for recycling your Christmas tree.  

We hope that this information is helpful. May we take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.


Bin Collection Dates

There are some changes to waste and recycling collection over the Christmas period:

 If your collection should be: It will take place on:
 Monday 26 December  Tuesday 27 December
 Tuesday 27 December  Wednesday 28 December
 Wednesday 28 December  Thursday 29 December
 Thursday 29 December  Friday 30 December
 Friday 30 December  Saturday 31 December

You can check your precise date and what will be collected at

Recycling your Christmas Tree

Before you recycle your tree remove all decorations, pots and stands.

Using the garden waste service

Green bin collection (subscription only): If you have subscribed to the garden waste service you can put your tree into or next to your green bin. Alternatively you can buy a single use garden waste sack for £2 from your nearest library or Country Stores at 48 High Street, Marshfield, SN14 8LP. Just attach the sack to the tree for a special one off collection after Christmas. If your tree is over 6ft, it must be cut up into smaller sections for collection or taken to the Sort It recycling centre

Taking it to a recycling centre

You can recycle your tree at one of four Sort It recycling centresReal Christmas trees need to go into the skip for garden (green) waste, not the wood waste skip. Don’t forget to remove all decorations, pots and stands before recycling.

Out of Hours Pharmacies Times

You can view all opening times for South Gloucestershire pharmacies over the Christmas period here: 

Train engineering times over the Christmas period

From Saturday 24th December until Thursday 29th December London Paddington will be closed to all rail services. This will mean that GWR rail services will start and finish at Ealing Broadway, from where you can take the underground or a bus. However, the station does not have step-free access. So if you are travelling with heavy luggage or find steps difficult for any reason you will need to change at Reading and use services from there to London Waterloo. Unfortunately that will mean a longer journey.

You can find out more on the GWR website.

Bus services

Certain buses in the West of England will be running different timetables over the Christmas period. Some may be running Saturday timetables on weekdays, or running Sunday & Public Holiday timetables on public holidays. Some are running special timetables which are neither their weekday nor weekend timetables.

More information is available here.



Campaigners welcome "more future-proof" broadband

Claire_Young_and_Codrington_broadband_campaigners.jpgBroadband campaigners have welcomed the announcement that a number of villages across the Thornbury and Yate area will get a better, more future-proof service.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Thornbury and Yate, Claire Young, said:

"We are delighted that South Gloucestershire Council has finally listened to our pleas for a more future-proof solution taking fibre all the way to individual houses. We have been campaigning with people living in the rural areas who know that the simply upgrading the lines going into the green cabinets to fibre doesn't work. If your house is connected to the cabinet by a long copper wire your broadband will still be slow and unreliable. Yet until now tax-payers' money has been spent on this out-dated solution in South Gloucestershire." 

Cllr Sue Hope (Lib Dem, Cotswold Edge) said:

"This is great news for the villages that will be upgraded. Broadband is becoming an essential service, with everything from booking a doctor's appointment to tracking what your MP is up to happening online. Our businesses need fast internet access to remain competitive, it's central to the modern economy."

She added, "There will still be villages crying out for faster broadband, places like West Littleton where Claire and I met campaigners in the summer. We will keep fighting until all our residents have broadband access that's fast enough for today's needs and well into the future."


Statement from South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats on the withdrawal of the Oasis Community Learning bid to take over Winterbourne International Academy:

Eva Lily Fielding and Claire Young outside Winterbourne Internation AcademyEva Lily Fielding, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke and Claire Young, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Thornbury and Yate, said:

"We welcome today's news that Oasis Community Learning has withdrawn its bid to take over Winterbourne International Academy. They faced overwhelming opposition from parents, students, teachers and the local community. Well done to everyone involved in the campaign.

This is not the end of the story. The Ridings Federation still has a Financial Notice to Improve hanging over it and needs a recovery plan to get it back on track. We're sure everyone locally will want to work together to ensure a bright future for both Winterbourne International Academy and Yate International Academy."

Claire added:

"This has also thrown up wider issues about how the Government deals with academies that face difficulties. Parents have been shocked by the lack of transparency and the fact that there is no direct way for them to have their say. I have written to the National Schools Commissioner expressing concerns not just about this situation but also the wider questions it raises."

You can read the statement from Oasis here.

You can read Claire Young's email to Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner here.



Back to decisions behind closed doors

After an angry debate where the Conservative deputy Leader of Council was ordered to apologise, South Glos Tories voted to exclude most councillors from future decision making. Instead, power will be concentrated in the hands of just a few cabinet members, who can make decisions behind closed doors.

Ruth Davis, Lib Dem leader and former leader of a Cabinet in South Glos, said:

“Cabinets are the worst system we have tried. You either believe in allowing members to speak, or you do not. We have been through all the configurations – and we would always come back to the one we currently have. We shouldn’t be concentrating power like this.  We were one of the first councils in the country to go back to committees, to involve as many members as possible. We achieved a 4* rating through collegiate working! Now that’s all gone.”

Deputy Lib Dem leader Cllr Claire Young (Westerleigh) proposed that the new scrutiny commission – which will question the decisions of the administration – should be chaired by a member of an opposition group.

“As liberals, we believe in open, democratic decision making. We feel that it is vital for proper scrutiny that the ruling group does not manage the meetings where the administration is being scrutinised. They shouldn’t be left to scrutinise themselves.”

Tories unanimously voted down this amendment, and another suggesting that all parties be involved in writing the new constitution.


A mixture of blackmail and prostitution

Liberal Democrats in South Gloucestershire have slammed the new ‘devo deal’ imposed by Government on the area.

Tories and Labour across the West forced South Gloucestershire into the agreement, where a single Mayor will make decisions covering a wide area of the west, without North Somerset.

Speaking against the proposal, Cllr Pat Hockey (Frampton Cotterell) said:

“I’m going to give a cry for democracy. This isn’t devolution! It’s a mixture of blackmail and prostitution. At least Avon was democratically elected. Who’s the Mayor going to be? It could be anyone. It could be a petrol-head saying no to any public transport. I’m passionate about public transport. When the Greater London Authority was abandoned, public transport there went back 10 years. It happened to us too.

“We are not getting powers, we’re losing them, we’re not gaining democracy it’s being taken away from us. What have we here? Take it or leave it. This is a duff deal! If it’s ‘the best in the country’, there are pretty duff deals and perhaps I should cry for the whole of the UK, not just South Gloucestershire.”

Cllr Mike Drew (Yate) said: “This money isn’t index linked, and no Government can bind its successors. We have no way to know what the next 30 years will bring – but we do know that any key issue involving North Somerset, we’re pretending things stop a few miles south of Bristol’s border. if it’s really a good deal, Government would be willing to work with us to bring North Somerset in. I’m not against a combined authority, but we need to take the time to get it right.”


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