New Local Plan must not repeat the mistakes of the failed JSP

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South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats have asked for a commitment that the South Gloucestershire Local Plan will not repeat the mistakes of the failed Joint Spatial Plan.

At last week's meeting, the Cabinet adopted a programme for drawing up a new Local Plan for South Gloucestershire.

Cllr Claire Young, Leader of South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats, said,

“This administration squandered years taking part in the failed Joint Spatial Plan.

“As one Conservative Cabinet Member said at today’s meeting, ‘The longer we leave ourselves without an up to date local plan the longer we leave ourselves open to unplanned and speculative development.’

“Unfortunately, as a result of those wasted years, we are in no better position than we were when work started on the JSP in 2016 – in fact it is worse, as our existing policies are now even more out of date.

“We are promised that the new Local Plan will be evidence-led, so we hope that the new plan will not propose the large-scale poorly-located Strategic Development Sites which were in the JSP and were a key reason for the JSP’s failure.

“We hope too that the numbers of new homes needed will be reassessed in light of the economic damage being done by both Brexit and Covid-19. Importantly we must not repeat the mistake of South Gloucestershire taking on a large part of Bristol’s unmet demand.

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Online Cabinet Meeting addresses environmental issues

South Gloucestershire Council held a cabinet meeting last week to discuss a variety of environmental issues. The Covid-19 emergency necessitated, for the first time, the use of an online video conferencing forum. South Glos Liberal Democrats live-tweeted the meeting:

For details of the Lib Dem response to the principal topics discussed see:

Cautious Welcome to Climate Emergency commitment

New Local Plan must not repeat the mistakes of the failed JSP

Further resources:

Cabinet agenda

Meeting Webcast


Local Councillor Slams MP for “Irresponsible Letter”

James Arrowsmith, South Gloucestershire councillor for Stoke Park and Cheswick, has slammed local MP Jack Lopresti’s dangerous call for Churches to be open on Easter Sunday, contradicting advice given out by his own Government and the Holy Week Statement prepared by Church leaders across the UK. Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian calendar and usually sees millions of people attend Churches of all denominations across the country.

Mr Lopresti wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Local Government Secretary, asking for Churches to open their doors on Easter Sunday.

This contradicted Mr Lopresti’s statement made in the same letter that the “Government strategy to instruct people to stay at home is absolutely necessary to restrict the spread of infection”.

The Government has restricted all public gatherings, including religious ceremonies whilst the coronavirus continues to present a high risk to the public. Since then, with the support of Christian leaders, Churches across the country have closed and many of them have broadcast their services on social media.

James Arrowsmith, councillor for Stoke Park and Cheswick (located within Mr. Lopresti’s constituency), responded with:

“Jack Lopresti should know better than this. His letter mentions the public health crisis several times, yet he downplays it by drawing crass comparisons to the need for people to feed themselves and key workers leaving their homes to supply food and medical care for us and to look after the most vulnerable.

“Thousands of people up and down the country have died following the COVID-19 outbreak. He should withdraw his irresponsible letter, apologise for being so reckless and reaffirm his commitment to following the Government’s advice.

“The Government’s advice is supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster – if they are prepared to support a temporary closure to prevent the spread of this dangerous illness, I would hope that our MP could do so too.”


In this time of national, and international, emergency, our priority locally is to help our communities to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus. On this page we have provided links to important information and an explanation of what we are doing to help.


You can find the latest official Government advice on the GOV.UK website.

The latest medical advice can be found at

South Gloucestershire Council has now organised its advice pages into different topics, such as help for businesses and for individuals, and is keeping them updated. Check back regularly for information on service disruption.

In your community

Across South Gloucestershire, our communities are working together to help each other at this difficult time. The council has started a directory of local groups.

If you are involved in one that has not yet been added, you can find out how to add them here.

What will South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats be doing during the crisis?

We will be focusing our time and energy on helping local people with their concerns and raising them with the council, keeping people informed, and joining other community efforts such as the fantastic Covid-19 community support groups that have sprung up across the area.

With the request from the government to stay home with the exception of essential journeys, we have asked our activists to suspend regular in-person campaign activities like delivering Focus. We will continue to use social media and email to contact residents, provide the latest advice, and connect people who need it with the relevant support.

Though we cannot currently meet residents face-to-face, we are still available by phone or email. You can find contact details for all our councillors here.


Liberal Democrat candidate Claire Young welcomes Unite to Remain agreement in Thornbury & Yate

Claire Young Frampton Cotterell

The Green Party has agreed to step aside for the Liberal Democrats in Thornbury & Yate, it was announced today.

As part of Unite to Remain, the Liberal Democrats have made an arrangement with The Green Party and Plaid Cymru to step aside for pro-Remain candidates in 60 seats across England and Wales.

Across the country the Liberal Democrats will stand aside in 13 constituencies so that there is a clear pro-Remain candidate. In turn, in 43 constituencies other parties will stand aside for a Liberal Democrat candidate.

Welcoming today's announcement, Liberal Democrat candidate for Thornbury & Yate, Claire Young said:

“This is an exciting day for all those in Thornbury & Yate who are committed to stopping Brexit. I am thankful to the local Green Party for helping us reach this historic agreement. 

It is clear that the Liberal Democrats are the strongest party of Remain in Thornbury & Yate, as well as hundreds of other seats across the country.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit, so that we can invest the £50bn Remain bonus in our public services and build a brighter future.”

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