Body blow for Thornbury Health Centre as Government refuses funding bid

Body blow for Thornbury Health Centre as Government refuses funding bid

The long-running campaign for a new health centre for Thornbury has received a major set-back after the Government turned-down a bid for the £10million of funding needed to complete the project.

Thornbury Lib Dem councillor Shirley Holloway said: “This is a huge disappointment for Thornbury and everyone who has campaigned for a new Health Centre for so long. The intention was that the Health Centre would house GP surgeries, as well as outpatient services, a mental health centre and a community outreach centre – facilities that are dearly needed here in Thornbury. It feels like we are now back to square one.”

Fellow Lib Dem councillor Maggie Tyrrell said: “Luke Hall MP and local Conservative councillors have been very good at claiming they are making huge progress towards getting Government funding for the Health Centre. Now the news that the Government has denied their £10million funding bid has been slipped out without fanfare. It appears they don’t have the influence with Government they thought they did, despite the stream of press photos of them with Ministers. I will be asking for an urgent review of what went wrong with this bid, why the Government do not apparently see Thornbury as a priority, and how they can salvage plans for the Health Centre. How many more times will Thornbury be told it’s about to get new health facilities only to be let down again?” 



Jack Lopresti - Reject this deal

Airbus plane

Liberal Democrats in Filton and Bradley Stoke are reaching out to Conservative MP Jack Lopresti, who is yet to publically say whether he will support Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Louise Harris, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Filton and Bradley Stoke, said:

“Jack and I are on completely different sides of the aisle on Brexit, that much is clear, but I would hope we can meet in the middle on the fact that this deal represents the worst of both worlds. Brexiteers like Jack did not want to see this deal that keeps us tied to EU regulations perhaps indefinitely. Remainers like myself did not want to see this deal which will damage our economy.

“The risks for our area of this deal going through are extreme. Large employers like Airbus and Rolls Royce will not tolerate the uncertainty it represents.”

Louise goes on to call for Jack Lopresti to stand up to the Government:

“I will never agree with Jack that Brexit will be beneficial to our country, but I am calling for him to take a principled stand from his own position. The Government is driving our country off a cliff here. He cannot stand by and let it happen like this.

“I want Jack to join me in calling for a People’s Vote now that we have seen this deal. This deal represents the worst of both worlds, and we cannot let it be stitched up in Parliament by party whips. Brexiteers like Jack have been calling for the will of the people to be respected, they must now accept that that means asking them what they think of this catastrophic situation we find ourselves in.”


Dismay over MP's Brexit Stance

EU Flags

A prominent Liberal Democrat has spoken about her dismay over MP Luke Hall’s decision to support Theresa May’s Brexit deal in a strongly-worded statement.

“Once again, Luke Hall has put career before country and his constituents,” said Claire Young, leader of the Liberal Democrats on South Gloucestershire Council.

“Even the Brexit Secretary, supposedly in charge of brokering this agreement, has walked away saying he cannot back it. Nobody, whether they voted Leave or Remain, voted for this travesty. It will cost us almost £40 billion in divorce fees, it keeps us aligned with EU rules we will no longer have any say in, and it will make us a poorer country.

“Luke Hall’s toadying up to the Prime Minister in hopes of landing a ministerial job is an embarrassment. The people of Thornbury and Yate will rightly be disgusted with him.

“The Liberal Democrats are calling for everyone to have a vote now we’ve seen the deal. However you voted in 2016, it is right that you have the chance to tell the Government to abandon this pathetic excuse for a deal.”


Lib Dems back teachers’ warning on local schools crisis

South Gloucestershire Lib Dems have expressed their support for the 58 local head teachers who have come forward to warn of a financial “cliff edge” that will leave most South Gloucestershire primary schools in the red and unable to cope within the next three years.

South Glos Lib Dem Council Group Leader, Claire Young, said:

“South Gloucestershire has become a national symbol of schools in financial crisis as a result of the BBC’s School documentary series. Now the whole country knows what opposition councillors in South Gloucestershire have been warning about for years: that our schools have been chronically underfunded and that this is affecting our children’s education and life chances.

“I welcome the 58 head teachers’ bravery in coming forward to make their concerns public. It is an unusual step for teachers to speak out so publically. The fact that they have felt forced to do so now just goes to show how desperate the crisis in local schools has become. The Conservatives need to heed these warnings before it is too late.”

South Glos Lib Dem Education spokesperson, Cllr Ian Blair, said:

“South Gloucestershire’s Conservative Leader Toby Savage painted a rosy picture of the Chancellor’s recent Budget, claiming it was “positive” for schools. But many local teachers will have been insulted by the Chancellor’s so-called “little extras” for schools, which will amount to just a few thousand pounds per school at a time when schools are being forced to cut teaching assistants and other basic essentials. 

“Cllr Savage pledged that improving local education was one of his highest priorities when he became Council Leader. If he really means that, he should back local head teachers and demand a better deal from Government, not just toe the Conservative party-line that there is no crisis.”


Liberal Democrats push for "three stop hop" ticket for Yate

Liberal Democrat Focus Team councillors are pushing First Bus for a "three stop hop" ticket for the Yate area. At a meeting with a First Bus representative earlier this week, they argued that more people would use the bus to get about in the town if they could buy a low cost ticket to travel up to 3 stops, as you can in Bristol or Bath.

Newly elected Dodington Councillor Louise Harris said:

"If we want to cut congestion in Yate, we need to give people a real alternative to using the car for local journeys. When the fares go up this month it will cost a fiver for someone living in the town to get to the shopping centre and back. In Bristol or Bath just £1.20 will get you a three stop hop ticket. At that price people don't think twice about jumping on a bus and saving themselves the hassle of finding a parking space at the other end." 

Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Thornbury & Yate, Claire Young, said:

"Anyone who has tried to park in Yate at busy times will know how important it is to get more people using the buses. We desperately need to cut congestion and air pollution but the latest fare rises risk putting people off using public transport. Local bus users are being hit particularly hard in the pocket when it comes to short journeys. A three stop hop ticket would help fix that.

"In the longer term, we would like to see Yate have its own travel zone, like Bristol, Bath and Weston-Super-Mare. We demand better services and fair fares for our area."


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