New Local Plan must not repeat the mistakes of the failed JSP

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South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats have asked for a commitment that the South Gloucestershire Local Plan will not repeat the mistakes of the failed Joint Spatial Plan.

At last week's meeting, the Cabinet adopted a programme for drawing up a new Local Plan for South Gloucestershire.

Cllr Claire Young, Leader of South Gloucestershire’s Liberal Democrats, said,

“This administration squandered years taking part in the failed Joint Spatial Plan.

“As one Conservative Cabinet Member said at today’s meeting, ‘The longer we leave ourselves without an up to date local plan the longer we leave ourselves open to unplanned and speculative development.’

“Unfortunately, as a result of those wasted years, we are in no better position than we were when work started on the JSP in 2016 – in fact it is worse, as our existing policies are now even more out of date.

“We are promised that the new Local Plan will be evidence-led, so we hope that the new plan will not propose the large-scale poorly-located Strategic Development Sites which were in the JSP and were a key reason for the JSP’s failure.

“We hope too that the numbers of new homes needed will be reassessed in light of the economic damage being done by both Brexit and Covid-19. Importantly we must not repeat the mistake of South Gloucestershire taking on a large part of Bristol’s unmet demand."

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