2023 South Gloucestershire Council Local Election Manifesto

A South Gloucestershire that works with everyone for everyone

We face two huge challenges - the threat from Climate Change and the cost-of-living crisis.

Our priorities are :

  • Tackling the Climate and Ecological emergency. Helping people insulate their homes, cutting their carbon footprint and bills. Supporting innovation to build a greener economy.
  • Getting our area moving. We will work with communities and transport operators to deliver a joined-up transport system.
  • Helping residents with the cost-of-living crisis. We will offer support and advice to people and businesses, to help them cut their bills and grow the local economy.
  • Bringing back local decision making. Making sure your voices are heard and the issues that matter to you are tackled.

We will run South Gloucestershire Council in a completely different way - listening to and working with local people, residents, voluntary groups, Town and Parish Councils and other public authorities.

We can create a South Gloucestershire that works with everyone, for everyone.

Manifesto document