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Winterbourne Liberal Democrats are a growing and enthusiastic group of local volunteers who are determined to improve life in the ward. Better bus services, and maintaining and improving civic amenities are especially prominent in their campaigns. Improving the local environment and addressing the Climate Emergency are themes that influence many aspects of this work. Like other South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats, they champion a Council that is responsive and accountable to the Public.

Electorally, the Liberal Democrats are the principal challengers to the Conservatives in this ward, finishing a strong second in recent elections. In the 2023 local elections the Conservatives would have been defeated if less than half of the Labour and Green supporters had lent the Liberal Democrats their vote.

See below for more information about the backgrounds and campaigning activities of our activists. Please get in touch if you would like to join the local Liberal Democrat team serving your community.

Peter Bruce & David Goodwin
Peter Bruce & David Goodwin

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