The Labour Party adds Thornbury & Yate to a list of “non-priority” Westminster seats

27 Jul 2023
Excerpt from Labour Non Priority List Document

The Labour Party have confirmed that Thornbury & Yate is not a priority for them


The Labour Party have published a list of “non-priority” seats for the next Westminster General Election, which includes the South Gloucestershire constituency of Thornbury & Yate. This means that Labour strategists believe that they have no realistic chance of winning the seat and that they should focus their efforts elsewhere.

The Liberal Democrats are the clear challengers to the Conservatives in Thornbury & Yate.

It is likely that the local election results earlier this year will have confirmed this decision. The Liberal Democrats topped the poll in every ward within the new boundaries for the Thornbury & Yate constituency, winning 60% of the votes compared to 33% for the Conservatives and a mere 4% for Labour.

Local Liberal Democrats have selected South Gloucestershire Council Leader Claire Young as their candidate for Thornbury & Yate.

Published & promoted by Jon Lean on behalf of Claire Young (Liberal Democrats), both at 63 Broad St, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6AD.