John Davis

Councillor for Yate Central ward

John Davis, Armadillo Youth Venue
John Davis at the Armadillo Youth Venue, Yate

Tel: 07894 449 368


Facebook: Focus on Sodbury, Yate and Dodington

John Davis was born in Yate, went to school here, and came back straight after University. Now aged 34, he is married and lives in Yate, by the Common. He works for an insurance company in Bristol - so he knows the problems of commuting first hand. He and his wife have two young children - so he has seen the lack of basic health support like ante-natal class places and wants to improve all health services.

John’s first campaign for our community was when he was 6 years old. He got fed up with all the litter on Yate Common. He came up with ideas to solve it, and after the local newspaper published his request, the Council agreed to put in the bins he was suggesting. Now, his own young children use the common, and he’s passionate about keeping all the parks and open spaces we love.

John has been helping protect our open spaces, beating the bounds of the Common and coming to help on street cleans since he was small, so it was no surprise when you elected him to the Council twelve years ago. At just 24 the Council was so impressed by him, he was elected chair of the Town Finance Committee, responsible for a budget of nearly £1 million a year - and he was really creative in bringing in grants to make the money go even further.

He was a key member of the Armadillo Youth Cafe Committee, and played a leading role in our work to get apprenticeships and jobs for local people. Most recently, he was part of the team who campaigned to save the Street Marshalls, as he wants our town to be a safe places for people of all ages.

His current focus is upon using his experience to lobby to improve travel and transport, so everyone can get where they want to get safely, and improving facilities for families and children.

He uses the local gym in his spare time - and set up a very popular local war game group - but you are more likely to see him out and about talking to people with his eldest daughter, Emilia.

John Davis & Sandra Emms, Kingsgate Park
John Davis with his fellow Yate Central councillor Sandra Emms at Kingsgate Park