Make Church Road in Frampton Cotterell Safe

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Frampton Cotterell ward Councillors Tristan Clark, Claire Young & Jon Lean

Your Frampton Cotterell Liberal Democrat Focus Team is aware of a number of safety issues facing Church Road:

  • the surface disrepair affecting the Bristol Road and Badminton Road ends of the road.
  • speeding along the whole length of the road.
  • danger to pedestrians crossing Church Road to access Watermore School and other local facilities.

We have been told that road safety issues are being exacerbated by the state of the road, with some drivers moving into the centre of the road or driving erratically to avoid the worst parts of the broken surface.

Your Focus Team feels improvements to the road surface should be addressed urgently, but current South Glos Council plans indicate resurfacing won’t be considered until 2024/2025 – and even then, just for the Bristol Road end of Church Road.

We know that many residents share our concerns so we are collecting signatures to present to South Glos Council to demonstrate that the weight of local opinion agrees with our view that improvements should happen as a priority.

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