Victory over IVF eligibility campaign, but more NHS cuts to come, warn Lib Dems

Local health managers have rowed back on proposals to cut the upper age limit for which women are eligible for IVF treatment on the NHS, after protests by local campaigners, including Lib Dem councillors Sue Hope and Claire Young.


Cllr Sue Hope said: “I welcome the fact that the local CCG have listened to the hundreds of people who replied to the consultation and are keeping the age limit for IVF treatment at 40 for women, rather than being reduced to 35, as initially proposed. However, I’m concerned that the CCG still propose that any woman whose partner has a child from a previous relationship will not be eligible for IVF treatment. On top of this, we have been warned that there will be many more cuts announced after the New Year.”

Cllr Claire Young said: “The CCG have listened this time, but under current Tory spending plans, they will still be forced to make millions in cuts to local NHS services in the coming years. Blame for these cuts lies not with the CCG, but with Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt. Together with Bristol and North Somerset, South Gloucestershire is one of only 14 areas in the country targeted for extra cuts under the Conservative Government’s Capped Expenditure Process.

“The Conservatives will say that the local NHS needs ‘to live within its means’ but the reality is that many NHS services are already being stretched close to breaking point. We are calling for greater investment in the NHS so that health managers can concentrate on how to improve services, not how to cut them. I would like to thank everyone who has already signed our petition to protect local NHS funding. If you haven’t already signed, you can do so here:”

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