South Glos Lib Dems react to overnight Brexit resignations

Three figures from South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have been speaking this morning of their reaction to the resignation of David Davis, Secretary for Exiting the EU, and a junior minister in the department.

Davis resigned late last night, with his letter of resignation setting out the rifts in Cabinet laid bare by the “Common Rulebook” negotiating offer announced by Theresa May last week.

Cllr. Claire Young, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Thornbury & Yate, tweeted overnight:
“Obviously the PM was speaking too soon when she announced her cabinet had agreed an approach on #Brexit. Did David Davis jump to embarrass her or was he pushed for demanding a damaging hard Brexit at any cost?”

This morning she adds:
“We now know from his resignation letter that he jumped, at the most critical time yet in the UK’s negotiations for the EU and at the first sight of a plan to bring to Brussels – and he has taken Steve Baker with him. This looks more and more like a co-ordinated effort to bring down the Government in order to fight for the hardest, most damaging Brexit at any cost. Unlike the Tories and Labour, the Lib Dem position is clear: we cannot crash out of the EU without a public vote to approve the exit deal.”

Louise Harris, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Filton & Bradley Stoke, adds:
“The Tories are clearly in disarray over the Brexit negotiations. Theresa May’s smokescreen about a cabinet agreement on the issue hasn’t even lasted a week. It’s hard to see how she can possibly continue leading the country when she can’t even lead her own ministers. Labour are just as useless on Brexit, but Lib Dems have a plan we’re all behind: a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, with an option to remain a member of the EU if the deal doesn’t stand up. Nearly 90,000 people have now signed our petition in favour of the plan.”

Lindsay Gough, South Gloucestershire Lib Dems Vice-Chair for the Kingswood constituency, quips on Davis’s successor:
“I think the emperor just got another new set of clothes with Dominic Raab's appointment.  The Conservatives promised a ‘Strong and Stable Government’ but they have been completely derailed by their own people. Goodness knows what would have happened if there was any real opposition from Labour.”

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