Our reaction to Conservative MPs’ irresponsibility on indicative Brexit votes

Lib Dem candidates have branded South Gloucestershire’s Conservative MPs “completely irresponsible” over their voting on eight Brexit options last night. 

Luke Hall (Thornbury and Yate, Conservative) and Chris Skidmore (Kingswood, Conservative) both voted to reject all eight options presented to MPs – while Jack Lopresti (Filton and Bradley Stoke, Conservative) voted only in favour of a No Deal Brexit with no agreement and against all seven other proposals.

Claire Young, Lib Dem candidate for Thornbury and Yate, said:

“Luke Hall’s vote to say no to absolutely every option on the table not only makes a laughing stock of Thornbury and Yate, it also sums up the Conservative attitude to Brexit. It’s all a big game to them, but they’re playing with people’s jobs and lives. MPs were presented with eight different options and Luke Hall rejected every single one. If it wasn’t so desperately sad it would be funny.”


Dine Romero, Lib Dem candidate for Kingswood, added:

“All Chris Skidmore’s votes last night show is that he doesn’t take the Brexit crisis seriously. Lib Dem MPs supported multiple options in line with many in Parliament trying to find a compromise that works. While we know not everyone agrees with our policy of supporting a referendum to approve any Brexit deal over remaining in the EU, we showed last night that we can work with anybnody proposing a sensible way forward. Your Conservative MPs aren’t even willing to work with themselves on a way forward.”


Meanwhile, Lib Dem candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke, Louise Harris, condemned Lopresti’s vote for No Deal:

“It’s a total disgrace. This country and this constituency would be devastated by No Deal. It is not the will of the people to crash out of the EU at the cost of thousands of jobs. Jack will surely suffer at the ballot box for his completely irresponsible decision yesterday.”

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