Local Lib Dems take to high street to support staying IN Europe

Last Saturday 20th February local Lib Dems in Thornbury manned an information stall in Thornbury High Street in support of the party's Stronger IN Europe Campaign. 

Thornbury Lib Dems with their street stall on the EU referendumDespite the drizzly weather there were a good number of people around who were pleased to take an information leaflet outlining some of the reasons why the Liberal Democrats believe Britain should stay within the European Union.  

People also stopped to discuss the pros and cons with the Lib Dem team who were pleased to answer questions and offer further information.

Thornbury Lib Dems talking to residents about the EU referendum“It was very heartening to find how many people were willing to sign their names in support of remaining in,” said  Clare Fardell, councillor for Thornbury North.  “We will send these people further details, and I am sure that we will be holding more street events as the weeks pass.”

Speaking about the launch of the referendum campaign, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

"Now the referendum campaign begins in earnest. It is the biggest vote in a generation and it will settle not only Britain's relations with Europe but also our place in the world.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party completely united around the case to remain.

"Together the EU has created the world's largest free trade area, delivered peace, and continues to give the British people the opportunity to live, work and travel freely. History shows that Britain is better when it is united with Europe."

Anyone wishing to know more about the EU referendum can visit www.libdems.org.uk/europe.

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