Libraries and one stop shops

The Liberal Democrats on South Gloucestershire proposed responsible, funded alterations to the South Gloucestershire budget, which were shot down by Tory and Labour votes.


Liberal Democrat Cllr Claire Young (Westerleigh) said: “No one should be in any doubt about the serious financial situation facing this and every other council in the country. The Conservative Government continues to squeeze local government, and Conservative councillors are left fiddling around the edges – or texting their Westminster colleagues in desperation.


“The Conservative obsession with the garden waste charge and their unaffordable promise is blinding them to other needs. They could have used the flexibility they had to make lives easier for residents. We proposed a modest one-off fund to cover the start-up costs of ten community libraries. Another decision was to close the OSS in Thornbury. We opposed this at the time and we stand by that. Transport continues to be a high priority for our local residents. Yate, Chipping Sodbury and the surrounding villages have seen the erosion of the bus services providing a vital link not just to Southmead but also to Parkway Station, UWE, further education colleges and the Mall. We have been pressing not just for the restoration of the last 82 bus of the day that was cut in January, but also a later service, to suit people who work at the Mall or attend college in the evening. Only by running a reliable service at times that people actually want to catch the bus is there any hope of creating a commercially viable service.


“We would ask the ECS committee – which needlessly froze the green bin charge, giving up £240k annually – to accept a budget reduction of just £91k. This £91k would then be spent on Reinstating the Thornbury One Stop Shop, Reinstating the late 82 bus service, and on rural community library start-up costs. We would expect the committee to fund this by altering the green bin charge.”


Cllr Clare Fardell (Thornbury North) said: “Not a single word about green bins has been said to me this year. There was a fuss at the time, but now there is no problem. Not one single complaint from my residents, and they talk to me a lot. But ever so many have made comments about the One Stop Shop. That really hits people. For example, older people who aren’t hard up might have no idea how to use a computer to find answers. They are full of praise for the Thornbury One Stop Shop staff who help them with their problem, and to use council services. To say the green bin charge is sacred when we are losing everything else is utterly ridiculous.”

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