Lib Dems brand Conservative budget “deceptive” over plans to cut adult social care, despite putting the council tax precept up

South Gloucestershire’s Conservative Cabinet yesterday voted in favour of a budget plan which will see millions of pounds stripped from services to care for the most vulnerable in our communities while, at the same time, putting up the council tax precept intended to fund such services.

South Gloucestershire Lib Dem spokesperson for Adult Social Care, Cllr Maggie Tyrrell said: “When residents next get their council tax bills, and see that the adult social care precept has gone up by 3%, they might reasonably expect that that means that there will be an increase in the budget for adult social care. But the reality is that the Conservatives are giving to social care with one hand and taking away more with the other. The increased precept is expected to bring in £4 million a year, but the Conservatives plan to cut the annual adult social services budget by over £6 million by 2022.”

South Glos Lib Dem Deputy Leader Cllr Claire Young said: “Ultimately, these cuts are the fault of the Conservative Government’s Budget, supported by South Gloucestershire’s three Conservative MPs. South Gloucestershire’s Tory councillors defend the budget and say that we must all “live within our means” – but that’s easy to say when they are not the ones who will face the sharp end of these cuts. Local residents might begin to ask what the point of having a Conservative Council and three Conservative MPs is, if they seemingly have no influence on Government and obediently accept cuts to the most vulnerable in our society.”

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