Lib Dems back teachers’ warning on local schools crisis

South Gloucestershire Lib Dems have expressed their support for the 58 local head teachers who have come forward to warn of a financial “cliff edge” that will leave most South Gloucestershire primary schools in the red and unable to cope within the next three years.

South Glos Lib Dem Council Group Leader, Claire Young, said:

“South Gloucestershire has become a national symbol of schools in financial crisis as a result of the BBC’s School documentary series. Now the whole country knows what opposition councillors in South Gloucestershire have been warning about for years: that our schools have been chronically underfunded and that this is affecting our children’s education and life chances.

“I welcome the 58 head teachers’ bravery in coming forward to make their concerns public. It is an unusual step for teachers to speak out so publically. The fact that they have felt forced to do so now just goes to show how desperate the crisis in local schools has become. The Conservatives need to heed these warnings before it is too late.”

South Glos Lib Dem Education spokesperson, Cllr Ian Blair, said:

“South Gloucestershire’s Conservative Leader Toby Savage painted a rosy picture of the Chancellor’s recent Budget, claiming it was “positive” for schools. But many local teachers will have been insulted by the Chancellor’s so-called “little extras” for schools, which will amount to just a few thousand pounds per school at a time when schools are being forced to cut teaching assistants and other basic essentials. 

“Cllr Savage pledged that improving local education was one of his highest priorities when he became Council Leader. If he really means that, he should back local head teachers and demand a better deal from Government, not just toe the Conservative party-line that there is no crisis.”

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