Lib Dems appalled as Tories vote down their £2million plan to fix residential roads

Claire Young Louise Harris Pothole

South Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats were appalled at last week’s annual budget meeting after the ruling Conservative group voted down a Lib Dem amendment to invest £2million in fixing neglected local estate roads. The plan would have been paid for by making council land available for around 60 units of affordable housing spread over four locations. 

Lib Dem group leader, Councillor Claire Young (Westerleigh), said: “There is money in the budget for highways maintenance, but this invariably goes towards A and B roads, leaving the estate roads where most people live to go from bad to worse. This investment wouldn’t just be good for motorists but for everyone who has to use residential roads, including children cycling to school.  We are very disappointed that the Conservatives chose to vote down this constructive and costed plan. We had hoped for cross-party consensus but it appears the Conservatives would rather leave our roads in bad repair than risk another party getting credit for fixing them.”          

Councillor Louise Harris (Dodington) said: “Providing more investment to repair our neglected estate roads was a key part of my campaign when I was elected to the Council in November. I wasted no time in helping to put together this £2million plan, which would have done exactly that. Sadly the Conservatives chose to play party politics and every single Conservative present voted against the extra money for residential roads. I hope that when local residents go to the polls on May 2nd and see the cracked and potholed state of their roads, they will remember that it was the Conservatives who voted to keep them that way. If the Lib Dems take control of the Council in May, we will bring back these proposals and seek to do more.” 

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