Lib Dem delight as Council results point to winning back Parliamentary seat

New South Glos Lib Dem CouncillorsSouth Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats have been celebrating after boosting their share of council seats to 28% (up 5% on 2015) and defeating two Conservative frontbenchers. The Conservatives narrowly clung on to control of the Council with a reduced majority but notable election casualties included Conservative Cabinet member for Resources, Rob Creer, and Conservative Chair of Health Scrutiny, Marian Gilpin. Both lost their seats to new Lib Dem councillors.

Leader of the Lib Dem Council Group and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Thornbury & Yate, Claire Young said: “I am delighted by these results. We were the only party to increase both our number of councillors and share of the vote. I am particularly pleased to be joined by seven new Liberal Democrat councillors. The Lib Dems now hold 17 out of 61 seats in total, including 16 out of the 20 seats in Thornbury & Yate constituency – putting us in a strong position to take back the seat from the Conservatives at the next General Election.”

The number of votes cast for each party in Thornbury & Yate constituency was:

Liberal Democrats: 14,174 (55%)
Conservatives: 9,699 (37%)
Labour: 1,396 (5%)
Independents: 340 (1%)
UKIP: 330 (1%)

Claire Young added: “This result is a clear warning to the Conservatives that local residents are sick and tired of being taken for granted while the Tories fight among themselves and neglect public services. If they don’t get a grip and start putting residents and services first, then I believe that the Conservatives will lose the constituency and the Council next time round.”

There was good news for the Lib Dems outside of their traditional strongholds too, with James Arrowsmith winning Stoke Park & Cheswick ward in Filton and Bradley Stoke constituency. At 23, James will become the youngest member of the Council. James said: “It is truly an honour to be elected to represent all the people of Cheswick Village and Stoke Park. I have already held my first residents’ advice surgery and I will continue to stand up for local people over the coming four years.”

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