Lib Dems herald their best ever Euro election results after beating Conservatives and Labour

The Liberal Democrats are celebrating their best ever set of European election results both locally and nationally. While the Brexit Party topped the poll, the Lib Dems came a strong second in South Gloucestershire, the South West, and across the country. The Lib Dems will now send 16 MEPs to Brussels - more than Labour and the Conservative combined.

South Glos Lib Dem Council Group Leader Claire Young said: “This is a terrific set of results for the Lib Dems in the South West and I’d like to offer my huge congratulations to Caroline Voaden and Martin Horwood, our new Lib Dem MEPs. While Nigel Farage’s party held onto the 3 MEP seats UKIP won here last time, the Lib Dems were the big gainers of the night, winning two seats in the SW for the first time. Labour and the Conservatives were both wiped out. Taken together with our huge national gains in the local elections earlier this month, it is clear that the Lib Dems are back in a big way. This is a huge credit to Sir Vince Cable and his clear-headed leadership. He will be a hard act to follow.

“The public are clearly not satisfied with the bad deal negotiated by Theresa May’s Conservatives or the muddled fence-sitting of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. Labour suffered their worst national election result since before the Second World War and the Tories their worst since before the Napoleonic Wars! This is reflected in South Gloucestershire where for the first time ever the Tories came fourth and Labour fifth, receiving fewer votes than the Lib Dems between them.

“It’s also clear that there is no mandate for a No Deal Brexit, with the anti-Brexit Lib Dems and Greens together gaining more votes than the Brexit Party. We are very clear that No Deal would be an absolute disaster for the country, for jobs, and for our NHS. The only way out of this political quagmire is a People’s Vote on the final deal. The Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to give the people, not politicians, the final say on Brexit.”

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