Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that all Members of Parliament operate within the provisions of the Act and the following paragraphs give details of how I undertake to meet those requirements:

I will treat as confidential any personal information that you pass on to me.  I will normally allow my staff and volunteer workers to see this information so that they can find help and advice for you.  In some cases I may need to give some or all of this information to agencies such as the Department for Work and Pensions, the CSA, the local Housing Department, or to the House of Commons Library in order to obtain further information about your case.

If you give me personal information about someone else I may need to check the facts with that person.  Or if you give me information about, or ask me to take action on behalf of, a friend or relative, I may need to ask that person to confirm that they are happy for me to act on their behalf.

If you join my e-mail group, you may leave it at any time you wish.  If you provide your address, phone number or e-mail address, I may write to you, call you or e-mail you.  You may at any point request not to receive such contacts any more.

Any personal information that you pass on to me will normally be recorded either on paper and/or on a computer for future reference.  It will not be kept for longer than necessary.   If you wish to see any information that I hold about you, please write to me. You have the right to see information that may be held about you either on paper or on a computer.

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