Conservatives refuse to back recommendation to invest in Yate MIU

At a meeting of South Gloucestershire’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Friday, Conservative Councillors failed to support a recommendation to review and invest in services at Yate Minor Injuries Unit. The recommendation was moved by Lib Dem councillor Sue Hope and supported by all Lib Dem and Labour councillors on the committee. The Conservatives split with six abstaining and two voting against.       

The recommendation states:

There is recognition of the growing demand for services at the Yate MIU; the CCG recognise this and reviews the service with the aim of investing in a service to meet the growing demand at Yate MIU.

The recommendation was passed by 5 votes to 2 with 6 abstentions.

Cllr Sue Hope said: “I brought this recommendation in response to the current three month trial at Yate MIU under which patients are being turned away during the day when the service becomes too busy. We believe that this is a bad policy, which had led to confusion and dismay among patients.

“I was amazed when the Conservatives refused to support our resolution, particularly as health colleagues at the meeting had already said that they were happy to review the MIU service and report back to the committee. I’m pleased that the resolution was passed with the help of Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors.”

Cllr Hope also brought a second resolution:

The CCG reviews its communication strategy with the public; be clear in its objectives and give a clear concise message to the public as to how to access services.

This resolution was passed with 7 in favour and 6 abstentions.

Sue Hope said: “It’s become clear that the CCG and local health providers seriously need to look at how they communicate with residents about services on offer. Not only has there been a lot of confusion about the situation with the MIU, but it is clear that most residents are still unaware of the minor injuries service now available at all South Gloucestershire GP practices.”

The South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will now report back on both resolutions at a future session of the Scrutiny Committee.   


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