Affordable housing in Thornbury “a joke”

In a council debate on affordable housing, Cllr Maggie Tyrrell (Thornbury South & Alveston) said: “We’re not against development in Thornbury, but we are against poorly planned development. I know of a young person with every advantage, who went looking for an affordable home, and was told to ‘try Weston Super Mare’. It is completely ridiculous. Developers are putting up large, 5 bedroom homes, then the town is importing families to fill them. We’re not addressing the need for smaller homes for younger people, and smaller families - people who have grown up in the area and want to continue living there.” 

The debate referred to government programmes like ‘Starter Homes’ and ‘Affordable Housing’, which can reduce the costs slightly – for people with incomes up to an astronomical £80k a year.

Nearby Councillor Claire Young (Westerleigh, Lib Dem lead on Environment & Community Services committee) said: “To buy a three bedroom ‘Starter Home’ at 80% of market value, people in a South Glos market town like Thornbury would need to earn around £39k a year - £10k more than the median income. Even our so-called ‘affordable’ schemes are only accessible to the well-off. Councils should be able to adopt policies that are appropriate for their local area. There are huge discrepancies around the national housing market and we have some of the highest prices outside of London.”

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