A dark day for South Glos democracy

Conservatives in South Gloucestershire have forced decisions back behind closed doors, with committees of councillors scrapped in favour of a centralised ‘Leader and cabinet'.

Councils in Britain were forced to adopt cabinets after Tony Blair came to power, but when the Liberal Democrats were in Government councils were given a choice.  In 2012, South Gloucestershire was one of the first in the country to return to open, democratic decisions made by committees sitting in public. 

Cllr Ruth Davis said: “I’ve been an Executive Member and a Leader of Council. I know what the different systems are like. With executives, you have a single person taking decisions after talking to an officer. With committees, you have over a dozen people deciding, in public, sometimes changing the recommendations. South Gloucestershire is diverse, with many different communities that need different solutions. The extra viewpoints and experience that committee members gave us helped South Gloucestershire Council serve our residents well.”

Cllr Claire Young said: “I am heartily opposed to this concentration of power, which will mean decisions being taken by a few Tories behind closed doors, away from the public view. This is an even greater concentration of power than we had five years ago. Where we used to have a number of scrutiny committees looking at different areas of policy, now we will have a single scrutiny commission trying to cover everything.”

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