£7m for local schools

Across South Gloucestershire, families are getting ready to send their kids back to school. Thanks to work done by Liberal Democrats in Government, South Gloucestershire schools have nearly £7m to spend on their priorities for the kids from poorest families.
Cllr Ian Blair, Liberal Democrat Education spokesman said: “In 2010, we made a promise to introduce a ‘Pupil Premium’, so that schools could focus more money on the kids from the poorest families. We knew that children were falling behind at an early age, and it just wasn’t fair. By helping them to get a good start in life, these children have a better chance of getting better exam results, and better jobs.”
Cllr Claire Young, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats in South Gloucestershire added: “Schools have to show that they’re putting this money to good use, focusing it on the children who need it – but it’s entirely up to the schools to decide how to do that. They might put on breakfast clubs, so kids aren’t learning on an empty stomach, or more teaching assistants to give targeted support in the classroom. This £6.9m is real extra money, that can be spent from September to next July, making sure all our children have a better chance for the future.”

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