School funding cuts petition

IMG_0775.1.pngThe Conservative government’s plans for school funding cuts will hit every school in this constituency hard. 

Putting at risk teachers jobs across the constituency, with funding cuts equivalent to 41 teachers in the Thornbury area, 27 in the Frampton Cotterell & Winterbourne area, 42 in the Yate & Sodbury area as well as 23 in our villages.

Yet the current MP keeps voting in Parliament to accept all of this. He refused even to vote for a motion expressing ‘regret’ at these school cuts. 

The Liberal Democrats will:

  • Reverse all cuts to front-line school and college budgets, protecting per-pupil funding in real terms.

  • Introduce a fairer national funding system with a protection for all schools, so that no school loses money.

  • Protect the Pupil Premium which targets extra help at disadvantaged children. 

If you believe that schools need improved funding, sign our petition.


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